Wednesday, December 13, 2017


      I think I've been ignoring some of the nitty gritty of Christmas for too long or maybe I've just gone through the motions and not much stuck with me.

     The local paper had a draw for some merchandise. Now you could put your name in a draw but, you had to answer 16 trivia questions about Christmas. Now the Micro manager started on the answers and by the third question , I heard my name called. Did I know the answer to question 3? Well I didn't know the answer but I offered to look it up on the Internet.

     So much for question 3. I was called for question 5 and about nine others.

     What were the  questions? In "All I want for Christmas" what did Jen and Jo want? What brought Frosty to Life? You get the drift...trivia questions.

     Now I've listened to and sung most these tunes for  70 - 75 years. You'd think I'd know the answers by now.

     I stood and sang some of these songs at the college the night before when the local college had a sounds of the season event with their symphonic winds band and choral group.

    I enjoy attending other Christmas events. We're going to the LDS church to see 300 different Creche sets. Most families bring their creche from home and put it on display in the hall. It's interesting to see such a wide variety. Some are wood or stone or ceramic or cloth or straw...or many other materials.

    So I began to wonder the depth of my experience is with Christmas. How much ownership do I have in the Christmas festivities?
    I think I'm going to up my Christmas game so that the next test that comes around, I will pass.
Nicholas, Santa Claus, Christmas

Sunday, December 10, 2017


    The last few days the dullness and short days of December have become very noticeable.  It can be clear but it's dull with long shadows. The sun is low in the sky so looking south the sun shines directly in your eyes.

    We are fortunate that we are in the middle of a long mild spell ( Highs 6 C ( 44 F)( Lows minus 5 C( 22 F) )or this could be a very cold time with little sunlight. The sun rose this morning at 8:35 and set this afternoon at 4:22 so we get about seven hours and 47 minutes of sunlight.

     This was taken about 9:30 AM so the sun is still low on the horizon.

      Sometimes when you look at a photo you see something different than when you were shooting. So I noticed the grayness and brown vegetation and dark trees.  I caught the old abandoned water tower peaking through the trees. It is about 2 km from me.

Thursday, December 7, 2017


     One of our major malls puts on a free lunch for seniors each year. Now this is one of the Micro Manager favorite events. Not so much for me.

     The micro manager likes to get to the mall shortly after 9:30 AM for lunch! Why? At that time the Micro Manager can line up for a free bag full of trash. (I'm not very nice am I?) The gift bag for the Micro manager is a big deal. You get the bag and lots of stuff inside. Well, let see. There's a coupon to get your picture taken with Santa. She can't wait to run over and get the picture taken. What else afghan, calendar, box of Kleenex, some other coupons and  candy and chocolates.

    Then there's the lunch. You line up with 300 seniors and slowly move through the line to get your soup, sandwiches, juice, coffee  and cookies. The lunch is a good deal. To be honest, I didn't line up. The Micro Manager went through with two plates. I held the table down as I had to make sure somebody didn't take off with the goody bag. 

    What did I do when the Micro manager was having so much fun? I read the paper, did the puzzles and played games on the ipad!

   I don't like malls much. Or crowds much when I don't know anybody. I like crowds if I know the people.

    Oh yes, the Micro manager had a little shopping to do. 

   So this was my stressful day.

   I know I'll get a lot of sympathy for this whine!

Sunday, December 3, 2017


      From my previous posts you may get the idea that squirrels aren't too popular with me.

     So the squirrel that is my topic is the American red squirrel. It's smallish but about twice as big as a chipmunk. They're very territorial so if they set up in your yard there's lots of action by he squirrel to keep other red squirrels out of it's territory. sometimes they chatter at me and I think they're trying to tell me to get lost. They are supposed to eat seeds but they eat a very wide variety of materials...mushrooms, berries, mice, eggs and much more. They are very active and extremely quick in there motions.

    They are favorites of many people as they are incredibly cute. However , they can be nasty so keep your distance. They can be destructive and  chew holes in your house.

     Now red squirrels have a liking for sunflower seeds. Red squirrels have hit the jack pot when they find a bird feeder with sunflower seeds. They take over. The feeder is theirs. They are crafty and pesky. They also consume many seeds.

     Now for me there's something wrong with squirrels eating my bird seed. I'm stubborn enough to try and chase the squirrels away.

     So I had a plan. I would get a small hinge and attach it near the feeder. I attached a fish line to the hinge so that the hinge could be pulled up and down and make a noise. Now I know some of you are saying, "I tried that."

    Well the squirrel soon came along and I pulled he line. The squirrel left at twice the speed of lightning. I didn't see it for a few weeks. However, all good things come to an end and the squirrel came back and when I pulled the hinge it took off. Gradually the squirrel visits became more frequent and then the cheeky beggar would come back after a few minutes. So my creation worked for a while and then gradually lost it's effect.

    Now the squirrel really knew how to rub things in. It would stand on the fence at the back door and look in that door. The squirrel had found out that the door opens and then the hinge moves. The cheeky little beggar was watching for me. Talk about smart.

   I'm going to have to up my game if I want to beat this squirrel.

Friday, December 1, 2017


     Now every time we go to the physician, sooner or later he/she pulls out the requisition pad and orders a half dozen or more tests. There are many handy dandy tests that can show that we are all right and have nothing wrong with us. For my annual check up . I get at least a dozen tests. Then the doc cheerfully says, "If there's anything wrong I'll phone you." Then you never get a phone call and are left wondering if everything was okay or if he just forgot to phone. Except not with my doctor. My doctor phones at least half the time and sometimes it's to confirm that something is okay so I know if he says I'll phone if there's a problem, I know he'll phone.

      Now the other day I visited my Doc to get my end of life form formalized. After we finished the form, he looked at me and said, "You know we should change medication Y when you're taking medicine X. That really amazed me.

     It also got me thinking about the medications we take. I take 4 medications. Three of them may give me better life quality in the future. One I need to take to function at the present time. I know that many seniors take many more medications than 4. I know that some physicians play fast and loose with interactions which may occur . Some drug interactions can possibly be very harmful or even fatal.

    So here's my suggestion for a test. We should have a test for the drug interactions that occur between the various drugs that have been prescribed. The test would detect all the new sludge left in our body from the various interactions. I'm sure that the drug interactions produce some very interesting new substances. Maybe some of the new substances may be useful? I doubt it. Maybe some of the harm done to our bodies could be detected and prescriptions stopped.

    I'm sure that a small part of the requisition pad could be used for a spot to tick off a test to detect crap produced by the interaction of medications!

     Just think how much better off we would be!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


     This is unbelievable. I'm going to write about taxes again! I know I said in my last post that it was the end of posts on tax. The tax  topic just keeps giving and giving. This also fits in with a few other posts I've done, like telemarketers.

    Yesterday morning a call came and since I have call identification , I decided not to answer. Most telemarketers and scams don't leave a message. This one left a message and it was chilling.

    The message went something like this. You are named in a criminal proceeding for paying insufficient income tax and for tax fraud. Call back immediately and we can help you. Well it's a rather upsetting message. Fear and worry set in immediately. And then the voice of reason cuts in and you realize that this is a scam. However , you are shook up by such a call.

     Even though I had heard about this scam before, I was stressed. What cold evil hearted person would conduct such a scam. I wouldn't be taken in but how many other people may fall for it. What about seniors.? What about the many people we have who have limited English?

     So yes, my post is about tax but more on creepy criminal phone calls.

    We called the police to report the call thinking that they may be interested in case there was an ongoing investigation. Well they knew about it, but there was no investigation because unless there's money that actually changes hands there's no offense being committed. They are just a nuisance.

    So hopefully this will be the last tax post and that the goons don't phone you.

Sunday, November 26, 2017


    Recently I have done two posts on income tax. One post was a on a tactic used by people to evade tax by putting money in another country. The last post was on the pathetic performance of the call center used by the tax department.
    So after my challenge  of  dealing with capital gains I've been thinking about what causes tax systems to become so complicated.
    Too many times whiners get to the politicians and request changes to the tax system that would benefit them. Politicians see this a  way of getting votes when they need them. Politicians also think that if they meddle with the tax system, they can "improve" the economy.
    Then the government always has ideas to give us a good deal. In Canada they set up something called the Registered Retirement Savings Plan. The idea was to let people start a savings deposit and not have to pay income tax on it until they take the funds out. You would not be able to take any funds  out until you reach retirement unless you wanted to pay tax on it. The idea was that when you retire your tax rate would be lower and in this way save money. So try keeping track of this account. There was a maximum you could deposit. There's a minimum you could take out at the end.
   The government has all kinds of economists and accountants who design tax systems that at the same time benefit people and bring in needed revenue for the country.
    I could bore you with other examples.
   So why not tax everybody on a standard rate. There would be different rates for income level but that's all.  No exemptions. No write offs. No sneaking money off to a foreign country.
   I'm willing to bet a nickel that if everybody was taxed the same and did not have loop holes that the tax rate would be lower. Wouldn't that make everybody happy! Or is this just too simple to fly?

    Well it was a good dream anyway.


Friday, November 24, 2017


       I've always disliked call centers

       When you call it takes forever to get an answer. It seems the usual time is 30 to 45 minutes. Listening to the mournful repetitive tiny bit if music drives me crazy. Listening to , "Your call is important to us" 200 times is insulting.

     So finally someone answers. What have I got? Someone whose English is very limited. They have an accent and only understand about half of what I say. Since my hearing is poor , I have difficulties hearing speech which is heavily accented.  If we did understand each other they have a very limited knowledge of the topic I'm seeking information about. So after a frustrating time I usually end up not getting the information I was seeking.

    Now the call center business is large. It's set up to operate efficiently and is very lucrative.

    Now I knew a young guy who had brief experiences with working in call centers or should I say training. He was well paid and he would train until some other opportunity came along. Many opportunities he chose were also short term. Sergio spent time at my house and I tried to help him with support and employment. He worked in a slaughter house for a few weeks. He worked for a cement company for a few days. However, Sergio always seemed to mess things up. He didn't seem to care if he got anything right. So if he was working in a call center he could make anything up!

     Now yesterday with my tax issue I happened to be dealing with a call center. The person knew absolutely nothing about what I was asking.

     A few years ago taxation employees answered the phones. You got information.

     Now I'm sure that if call centers continue they will be responsible for destroying our society.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


    A three ring circus took place at my house today. I'm not sure if there are real three ring circuses anymore but there was one today.

    I was one ring. The Micro Manager  was a second ring and the poor little income tax information officer was the third ring.

    How did this turn into a circus? Well we had a tax issue. The micro manager and I could not understand how the issue could be dealt with. We had gone over the information many times and could not agree. We both stick to our ideas very rigidly so a solution is hard to get to.  So we phoned the income tax number.

   To start with, our understanding of the issue was hazy at best. So the tax person wasn't really sure what we wanted. The said tax person referred us to parts of the guide that would help us. Well, that only muddled us up more. The Micro Manage thought one thing and I thought another. We tried again and ended up in more confusion. So the micro manager and I were talking to each other and debating things back and forth. I guess the tax person leaned back and said, "Let'em go at it."
   For one minute we would think that we understood things and then suddenly it wouldn't fit.

    I must say that the advisor we had was weak at best. Everything we asked she would put us on hold and look for info. When I phone these people I expect a clear explanation.

    After about 40 minutes , I wrote the micro manager a note and said let's get off of here because this bird doesn't know anything. Twenty minutes later the Micro Manager thanked the tax person and said we'd work on it. 

    So after 90 minutes we got nothing.

    So the three ring circus just went round and round.

    I imagine it would have been quite entertaining if someone had been watching.

    So now we still have to find out how to calculate the problem correctly.

   I think there will be another showing of the three ring circus.

Image result for clip art

Sunday, November 19, 2017


      I spend a lot of time outdoors wandering through parks and natural areas. It gets me outdoors. It gives me some exercise and it certainly does wonders to overall good well being. I lead a bird watching group once a week and sometimes you have to work pretty hard to pursue the little birdie to make an identification.
    Now most days you are going to meet someone to visit with. You meet all kinds of different people. Since I carry binoculars , most people can guess what I'm doing.

    From time to time you find things. These days the woods are filled with junk from homeless people. Sometimes I report the junk and the city picks it up and if it's small I clean it up myself.

    Sometimes you find other things...wallets. Usually there's nothing left. Twice I found wallets and the only thing missing was cash. Then I turn them in to the police.

    Yesterday I found something different. I saw a bit of black cord sticking out of the snow. I thought it might be keys so I kicked the snow away. Surprisingly it turned out to be a flashlight. I wanted to see if it worked and if not it would go in the garbage. One of the birders told me how to turn it on and yes it worked.

    Now the flash light likely belonged to a homeless person as they use the flashlights to navigate through the bush and also as a bicycle light. They also use them for lights in their tent.

     Now when I got home I googled to see what I had. I found out that it was a $50.00 flashlight. I've never found anything of value that I could keep. The light is LED and the beam shines up to 751 feet!

    Sometimes you get lucky!

Thursday, November 16, 2017


     In the past year the topic of sexual assault has been common, regular and often.

     There's much to say about sexual assault but not much seems to do any good.  Sexual assault has probably been committed since we showed up on the planet.

     There are the usual blah blah blahs. Simple ideas are  given as to why sexual assault continues to occur. The common excuses and blame go on forever and are repeated. In Alberta, we've had a judge lose his position as he asked a complainant why she didn't keep her legs together to prevent an assault.

    The law does not seem to come up with a practical process of dealing with sexual assault in the courts. The complainant is forced to defend herself from various lame accusations. Women are reluctant to report assault as the court process is demeaning and not highly reliable or successful.

    So sexual assault goes on and there at very few convictions so males fell that the odds are very good that they can get away with things.

     Over and over we hear about education and talking. Men and women talking?

     Boys, it's time men talked to men. Yes, men talk now . They brag about assaults and egg each other on. Donald Trump is one who openly brags and laughs about his assaults. He gets away with his actions and those assaulted carry the pain of the assaults. Talk is dismissed as locker room talk so it's harmless. Too many clowns go out and walk the talk and assault. This same locker room talk gives many males the idea that assault is funny.

     Men commit the assaults. It's up to men to talk to one another about sexual assault and get it through their heads that it's disgustingly wrong. . It's up to men to control the flippant joking about sexual assault. It's up to men to call each other on yakking about sexual assault and how funny it would be. It's up to men to talk to each other and realize how harmful the assaults are. Men have to step up and take a stand. It won't be easy. The bullies will make it difficult.

    Men have got to get serious and take responsibility for sexual assault. No one is out there asking to be assaulted.

    Maybe, just maybe, the many people making accusations now will have some effect on the rate of sexual assault.

Sunday, November 12, 2017


    Some of you noticed that there were some major glitches in my last post as far as photos were concerned. My apologies for causing anxiety and frustration. All of you who mentioned a problem with photos were extremely tactful. Thank you. If you hadn't mentioned that something was amiss , I'd have never known that there was a problem.

     I was trying to move photos on the blog post directly from email. I found out I couldn't do it. Moving photos from an email to a  post can probably be done but I have no idea how it's done. I still don't understand why I can't use the clipboard and use cut and paste?

    Now since I have a new computer, I've been moving photos to the new computer. Most of it has been easy peasy. However , there were some photos that just weren't showing up. I did two downloads or uploads. I'm not sure which is which. I searched for the photos. I looked all over the place . I went around and around. I really became frustrated. I had moved photos from my new camera and it was very easy. I did the same with the old camera, but some seemed to be missing.

    I was about exhausted and had almost decided to ask my in house advisor for advice. Last night while spending a sleepless couple of hours I got it!!! I remembered that I had another SD card from the old camera Yes, that' where my missing photos were. So today the remaining photos were loaded onto the computer.

    Now I did notice that for many of my photos there were three of each photo? Yes, that's what you get for downloading three times when you think something isn't working. It works alright.

    So it's not the dang computer. It's the operator.

   As I mentioned before the learning curve has been steep! It's just what's needed to keep a 78 year old brain from turning into mush!

Friday, November 10, 2017


      I spend a lot of time outdoors wandering through parks and natural areas. It gets me outdoors. It gives me some exercise and it certainly does wonders to overall good well being. I lead a bird watching group once a week and sometimes you have to work pretty hard to pursue the little birdie to make an identification.

    Now most days you are going to meet someone to visit with. You meet all kinds of different people. Since I carry binoculars , most people can guess what I'm doing.

    From time to time you find things. These days the woods are filled with junk from homeless people. Sometimes I report the junk and the city picks it up and if it's small I clean it up myself.

    Sometimes you find other things...wallets. Usually there's nothing left. Twice I found wallets and the only thing missing was cash. Then I turn them in to the police.

    Yesterday I found something different. I saw a bit of black cord sticking out of the snow. I thought it might be keys so I kicked the snow away. Surprisingly it turned out to be a flashlight. I wanted to see if it worked and if not it would go in the garbage. One of the birders told me how to turn it on and yes it worked.

    Now the flash light likely belonged to a homeless person as they use the flashlights to navigate through the bush and also as a bicycle light. They also use them for lights in their tent.

     Now when I got home I googled to see what I had. I found out that it was a $50.00 flashlight. I've never found anything of value that I could keep. The light is LED and the beam shines up to 751 feet!

    Sometimes you get lucky!

Monday, November 6, 2017


       On Sept . 29 the bird watching group went to a 270 acre natural area called Nova Nature Trails. Yes, the Nova, that is a world petrochemical company.

       The natural area has a wide variety of habitat so we can see a variety of bird species. There at wetlands, grasslands, brush and a few trees

      So I took the opportunity to get  few fall photos and give you a general idea of what the area is like.


         This is one small part of the plant.

         So six km of trails kept us busy for the morning.

Friday, November 3, 2017


     I used my  ipad for 6 or 7 posts. I did not find out how to post photos on posts I did with the ipad. When I tried photos the ipad seized up.

    So now I can post some fall photos. However, tonight is not fall . It's winter. We've had snow for three days and have about 10 cm ( 4 in).  I have shovelled the driveway and sidewalks three times.


    So posting fall photos takes me back to better times.

    Last Saturday Oct. 28 was a beautiful day. Jackets and coats came off as it was about 17 C (65 F). In my last post I shared one photo that I liked so I found out that there was very good light that day for the colors that were involved. So here are more photos from Heritage Ranch.


      This is my Saturday afternoon birding group. They know how to have fun!



Wednesday, November 1, 2017


       On the weekend we were out bird watching in a 300 acre area of old growth forest, recovering quarries and open fields. It was a warm fall afternoon. It turned nasty the next day.

      It was an afternoon where I took quite a few photos. I was surprised when I looked at one photo and immediately liked it. I'm not a horse person so it's not because of the horses. It's one of those photos where you take a quick look and click. So I didn't think about anything.

      So I'm still asking myself what it is about my photo that makes me really like it.

      Do you have any ideas?


Sunday, October 29, 2017


     Alright , it's another computer story!

     It seems to me to be outrageous that when you buy a computer, they are ready to set it up for you for a big price. In my case they offered to set things up for $200.00.Now my computer only cost $600.00. We hear all kinds of stories about setting up new computers. Some of them are scary and some say, "No problem . Computers are easy to set up." To my thinking , it should be easy to set up a computer.

     Well, here goes. I waited a few days to build up my courage. I read the rather small manual...76 pages. My camera manual is 234 pages.

    I started . Things went well and smoothly.

    I got to the part where I installed apps. The apps showed up on the screen. I thought there was more so I looked for something to click on to move forward. Nothing! Well then back up! Nothing.

    I was stuck with a blue screen with 4 window like squares with light streaming through.

    Finally, I shut down the computer. Next morning? It's still there. Well a quick call to Asus should fix this. Two calls to Asus talking to Asus dummies and then the third call he offered to set things up to reset the computer.

    Okay , I go through the same thing. Well, I slept on this overnight. It finally hit me that the funny blue screen was my home page. I was finished setting up my computer! The actual time to do this was about 20 minutes. I'm sure a guy from the store would take about two minutes. They would also teach me a few things which I would have to learn on my own.

     So that was a rather embarrassing error but I admit it.

      Next , I had some challenges with my pass words. All my pass words have  a similar key stroke. In Canada our keyboards must have French. Somehow or other that stroke would type the French. I discovered that by looking at my password when I typed it in.

     So I had a few errors but I got my computer set up and didn't have to pay the rats $200.00

     You know that from previous posts I try to do things myself and it's a challenge but gives satisfaction when it's done.

Friday, October 27, 2017


    That tune has been in my head for days. Who wrote or sang the tune?

     Well I really did find a new friend. Several weeks ago I told you that I had to get a new computer and that I would be making posts on my ipad. It was frustrating using the ipad as I'm not familiar with Apple. With a whole lot of crashing and bashing I posted a few poorly edited posts. I never did find out how to put photos on a post. I did read all posts and made comments. Along the way I learned more about apple. I still would not choose Apple to work with.

     Finally I made a decision about a computer. I bought an Asus. It has a windows 10 operating system. I was worried about Windows 10 as some people, including my son, said it was not easy to work with.. So I've been pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to work with. Yes, I've had to learn some things and have lots more to learn. It seems to be easy to navigate.

    It was easy to get my emails and contacts. It was easy to find my blogs. Surprise , surprise! I got most of my photos. I still have some other things I would like to get off the old computer, but not much.

    So I did find somebody new that I like very much.

   By the way , I haven't got a name for somebody new yet?

Friday, October 20, 2017

Last Day of Being Seventy Seven

   Yes, that's right folks. Today is the last timeI I'll ever ever 77 years old.

    What did I do on this or less day in my life? I made up my persona directive.

   Recently my daughter's mother in law went in for surgery and it didn't turn out well. Her husband is an only child and when his mother became incapacitated, they began looking, 
 for those important papers.

   That's when my daughter made the frantic request as to whether I had personal direction forms and if so where are they.

   Now my record on personal directive forms is rather pathetic.  About 15 years ago I'd heard of personal directives but didn't have the foggiest idea of their importance and of course like a typical male I did nothing about them.. About 10 years ago I got a little more serious about the issue. About 5 years ago I actually filled out forms but didn't get  them witnessed.

   So with my daughter's frantic plea , it was time to d something about it.aed out our province has a program in place to standardize personal directives.also learned ed that the all important form was only to appoint someone to be my agent if I became  . I was giving someone the legal status to make health and care decisions for me. I also learned the I would fill out another form with my doctor detailing my wishes for care when my quality of life deteriorates.

   The province also will set up an advisor to help you fill out the forms. The advisor sees thaat the forms are filled out correctly. She/he witnesses your signature and makes the necessary copies for you. That' s what we did today.

      So all in all, my last day of being 77was a rather important one.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Am I Biased?

     I start many posts with, "I was a teacher for 37 years." So every once in a while I get on a teacher topic.

     Over the years I had many different administrators. Most of them were middle of the roaders. One was outstanding and one just terrible.

     So I got thinking about hiring a good administrator.

      I would suggest that a good place to look for administrators would be in the fine arts section.

        Fine arts teachers have to set their classes up so that students work on individual projects or in groups. They also have to organize their program so that the curriculum police are satisfied. So fine arts teachers have many challenges with logistics. And they creative people.

       So if I was hiring an administrator I would look in the fine aarts section for candidates for an administrative position. 

       I would like an administrator to be creative and have a vision as to what he wants for his school. I want somebody who is well organized and can move  pieces of the jigsaw puzzle around and make the best use of space, time and talent.

      After that look for leadership ability and personal appeal.

        So here are the results of my afternoon of daydreaming.

       Am I a little biased towards fine arts?

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I Got Lost Again

     Over my life time I've been lost a time or two. I'm not counting being as in trying to find a location int the country or city. I'm talking about really not knowing where you were.

     There four occasions of being lost that stand out in my memory. Two of them were when I was a small child and two as an adult.

    As a small child I wandered off the farmyard twice and a search had to be made. Once was in early  January. I was about 3 and my Mom put me out in the yard to play. When she checked , I was gone . She had two younger children in the house and couldn't leave. She phoned the neighbors and they started a search. My Dad found me as he was coming home from town. I think I got a good reminder of not to wander away when Dad picked me up on the road and another when he set me down in the yard.

       The second time a lady was babysitting and I wandered off the yard. Again she had little kids and couldn't leave the house. The hired farm hand found me. Apparently I had decided to walk home.

      At about age 25 I got lost in the Arctic. Four of us had flown into an uninhabited Island to hunt geese. Check it out...Richardson Island. I walked a long way around to get closer to the game, made my kill, dressed the animal and left it to come back the next day . I thought I knew the way back. I crossed the first ridge an things didn't look familiar. A second ridge. A third ridge. Now I was starting to panic. It was getting toward sunset. Finally, I found the shore and got back to camp. To say the least, I was relieved.

     The last Time I was lost was last night. I didn't know anything about it until I got home. I tend to be a little careless about communication with the Micro Manager. She was downstairs watching TV and thought she heard me leave for my walk but thought it was early for my walk. She came up an hour later and I wasn't in the house. She was ready to call neighbors to look for me. She discovered the keys and car were gone but couldn't remember where I was going. Finally she checked the calendar and then knew where I was.

       So I was lost for a while last night just like when I was a little kid and wandered away from the farmyard.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

The Learning Curve is Steep

        Some of my readers may remember that my desk top is on it's last legs so I'm using it for only the important stuff.
         I'm limping along with an iPad. I'm getting blogs read and have posted a few short posts.

          Now I've received a small comment which I understand well. Somebody said my posts were hard to the type is small. I knew that and was hoping no one would notice. Since this is my first time using Apple things have been a challenge. I could not discover how to highlight the text and enlarge it. I always enlarge the text as I know it.'s easier to read.

      Well, this afternoon I just got mad and said I won't quit until I have 

Learned to cut and paste. So I decided to ask Google. After asking three times I finally got the answer and followed instructions. 

       So I have gone back and enlarged the print size on my last three posts.

        So it feels good to have discovered how to do something.

         If I keep on using Google, who knows what else I'll learn.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Eye Examination Day

      Today was the day for me to get my eyes checked. Here, seniors get a yearly eye examination from  Alberta health care. That yearly check makes sure our seniors are active. It also ensures that any eye problems are diagnosed and treated promptly.

     A few weeks ago I had my annual check up and passed with flying colours even though a test gave me some worries until I got the results.

    Today I also passed my eye exam and was declared healthy and that I could drive my car.. I do not have a change in my prescription. Cataracts are not an issue at this time.

    Now one of the great things about my eye exam is that I have an awesome optometrist. He's quiet, gentle and thorough. I certainly feel comfortable and confident that I will be examined in a professional manner.

      Now the kicker with my optometrist is that he is a former student of mine. So I not only get an eye exam but have an awesome visit. We catch up on all kinds of people.
:teachers, students. We also catch up on each other's activities. He's just recently taken in a partner explained why. Business is something I have very little to do with. All his kids have grown and left home to some degree. He's old enough to think ahead to retirement and what he might be doing.

        So I get a first class eye exam and a very pleasant visit. Very few people are f ortunate enough to enjoy this situation.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Winter Storm Oct. 2

.  In my last post I confidently called fall to be well advanced. Friday's temperature was 24C. It was beautiful. I went for a 17 km bike ride...shorts... The whole bit. I came back in a sweat.

    Little did I know things would change. I did listen to the forecast but didn't take things seriously. I couldn't imagine that much of a change. The wind picked up in the evening. It was a nasty gusty wind. I looked out after 1:00AM and the air was full of blowing snow!

    So what a big surprise for me.

     It blew and snowed until early afternoon before it died down. We ended up with about 10cm of snow.

    Tonight it gets very cold...minus 6C.

      Tomorrow it warms up and the snow will disappear.

       I will also be skating tomorrow.

      Once the first snow has fallen I relax and enjoy it.

      By the way I look forward to fine October weather.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Fall is here in full Force

   I just noticed that fall is well advanced here and that if I'm going to get any fall photos I' better take action.

     Now to complicate things my computer died so I have to use the iPad . I have not become proficient with the iPad yet so there are chalenges.

    Most of my garden has been taken out. The forecast is to ,turn wet and cold and I'd rather not have to take the garden out in the cold and wet.k

     Well here I am two days later and I haven't been able to finish the post. The truth is that I can't get pictures on to my post.

     So I have pictures on the iPad but don't know how to get them on my blog.

     So posts will be few until I learn some things and get another computer.

     I do read all your posts.

Saturday, September 23, 2017


     Well, maybe the bullet wasn't speeding!

     Well, maybe it wasn't a bullet!

     Well, maybe I didn't dodge!

     For a male, I'm fairly careful about watching my health. I'm very fortunate to have good health. But I do watch how I look after myself.

     Two weeks ago I had my annual checkup. I have a very thorough family doc when it comes to check ups. After listening to an area on my chest, he told me that my aorta was not making the normal sound. He wasn't concerned but he wanted me to get an Ultra Sound of my aorta. Now I didn't realize that the aorta went down both sides of the abdomen. So when I was getting the ultrasound I wondered why they were working hard on my abdomen. 

     My Doc said he'd phone if there was a problem. Well the clinic phoned and asked me to come and see my doc in  about 3 days. This was enough time to get me worrying as to what was wrong. The Micro Manager got very stressed by this situation so she didn't do anything to allay any worries I had.. 

     Since they'd gone over my abdomen I wondered if they found something that looked like cancer. Did they find an aneurysm? So I had myself in overdrive with worry when I got to the doc's office.

    Well he told me that what the ultrasound indicated was some stuff on the walls of my aorta. How much stuff I asked. They don't know was the reply. Keep on doing what you're doing.

   Reality told me there shouldn't be a problem. My blood pressure was 121 /63 during my examination. But I still worried. You look up on the Internet about aneurysm surgery and it's serious stuff.

    So I felt like I'd dodged a bullet when it was found to be nothing serious.


Wednesday, September 20, 2017


      From time to time I do a post on some kind of prejudice. From an early age I could not understand why any group should be exclusive. I liked to see all people come together. Now as a kid I didn't understand where I was heading , what this meant or why there were prejudices at all. 

     I probably would never have come to terms with things if I hadn't had the opportunity to teach in aboriginal schools.

    Now since there have been some very ugly incidents recently it's time to comment. Incidents that were highly publicized occurred in the U.S. Incidents of racism happen in many other places but don't get the PR. My home province is well known for incidents of racism. So racism is found in many corners.

    So racism originates from ignorance of other groups. Untruths are spread about racial groups and to really shake things up people have to get in shouting , shoving matches and more. Hatred of others is stoked to a high degree. No acceptance of any differences here. The white guys have it all!!!

   My teaching experience found me in the minority for five years. I was dependent on aboriginals and had to trust them in many situations. I was participating in activities in which I had little experience. I was watched and supported. I could be a few bones scattered on the tundra if I hadn't been cared for. When I was out with my students on the land they would sometimes say, "You shouldn't go there."

   The first time I was referred to as the white man cut through me like a knife. However, it was not used in a derogatory way. After that I got used to it. Whenever I knocked on a door I would hear them say inside "kabloona" which means white man. How did they know it was a white man knocking on the door? The aboriginals didn't knock at doors.

    I found out that I had to accept some differences.

    So I hear people criticizing aboriginals. They seem to find many complaints. Yes , there are some obvious behaviours that are disgusting. But, people are not aware of all the other people who live productive and honorable lives. A few rotten apples spoil it for many. For example, many people other than aboriginals conduct themselves improperly but we don't stop and hate the whole group.

    So now that I'm elderly , I still can't understand why some people will hate others with such vehemence that they are willing to fight and do harm to others.

    All my life I've been hoping that we could accept the simple idea of inclusiveness and live in harmony. 

    Will we ever find that knowledge that we can accept?